UPS driver saves dog from drowning in icy pond


Even though mail men and dogs are not famous about having this great relationship together, this article is about to show you a wonderful story that proves that such a general impression might be wrong. Of course, knowing that dogs usually bark at mail men when they are delivering the mail we cannot blame mail men for fearing them. But how can we blame dogs when they think that it is a robber entering their human’s house? One UPS driver did the impossible to prevent a dog from drowning when he was making his deliveries. He dared to jump in icy cold waters to rescue the dog which was about to drown, despite of risking his own life and stopping his deliveries.

This even happened in Montana, last year just before Christmas, when one of the deliveries that Ryan Arens had to make, turned out to be one of the most unforgettable moments in his life.

On his way to delivering a package, Ryan passed by a pond where he suddenly heard a dog screaming helplessly for some help. He was trapped by ice all around him and screaming with his last powers. Immediately he knew that he would have to save her.

“I know I had to get her. Help wasn’t going to make it,” says Ryan.

When he arrived on the scene, an older citizen was already trying to save him using a rowboat, so Ryan decided to use that boat to rescue the dog. He tried to use the boat to slid through the ice and reach the dog, but it was rather difficult for him, so he made the tough decision. He jumped into the icy water to swim towards the dog and save him.