The bravery of this firefighter saves the poor dog from drowning


We have different kind of jobs that people do everyday, for example office jobs when your schedule is always the same , you are in font of a computer doing your job and that’s it, you go home at the end of the day. That’s not the same with the firefighters, their job is very challenging , everyday is not the same. They go through different stories each day. One day they help in a car accident the other day they save someone from a burning place. But today we have another story where a brave firefighter saves a dog which was drowning in the water. In July,2017 Miami Beach Fire Rescue was called to rescue an animal in Biscayne Bay. “We see a dog about 25 yards out,” rookie firefighter Emilio Sanchez told WSVN. “He was really excited to see me.”
Sanchez jumps into the water without thinking twice and catches this dog called Junior, a 12-year-old Chinese Shar Pei-Rottweiler mix.

They went to the dock where Emilio’s crew was waiting for them with a backboard, to help the frightened dog to get out of the water. Sanchez and Junior seemed to create a special bond together over their dip in the water, but the crew were on a mission to reunite this dog with his owner. Within an hour, Jackson was sent to his owner, Jose Ruiz, this was an unexpected day in Sanchez’s life, he said this was all part of the job. “Any life is important in the eyes of the fire department here,” he said. “It’s all in the line of duty.”
Emilio you were a hero before but now you are a dog hero too for sure.
Thank you for you bravery.