Puppy Saved Hours Before Being Put Down, Years Later Saves Her Rescuer’s Son’s Life


They say that every good deed you do is returned by a blessing in disguise. Just in this case it wasn’t in disguise, but a plain, well-known blessing. This is the story of Ruby, the Australian shepherd, who got a second chance at life and returned the favor in the same way. When Ruby was just a puppy, she had been returned to the animal shelter 5 times because of unmanageable behavior. Nobody knew how to handle her. So, they decided to put her down. Luckily, only 2 hours before they did so Ruby was saved by Patricia Inman, a dog trainer volunteering at the shelter.

Patricia had high hopes about Ruby. She saw Ruby as a smart, energetic puppy that would be perfect to be trained as a K9 dog. She started working really hard with Ruby and her efforts eventually got paid when Ruby got enrolled in a K9 program. Her handler at K9 was Daniel O’Neil who, at first, had troubles dealing with Ruby. Daniel took her at his house and started training her to be a K9 dog. Once Ruby got settled in a loving and stable environment, she became a whole new dog. She showed her smart side and learned everything she had to really quickly. So, she earned her Police badge and became a K9 dog. Ruby and Daniel became a great team. Over 7 years, she helped Daniel to crack a lot of missing cases and saved many lives.

One day they got a call about a teenager who had gone missing for 36 hours. In order to help with the investigation, Daniel met the boy’s mum who, surprisingly, was Patricia Inman, the same woman that had saved Ruby’s life 7 years ago. Patricia told Daniel where her son liked to hike. Daniel took Ruby and rushed to the place to look for the missing boy. It didn’t take long for Ruby to spot a body laying face down on the ground. She started licking the boy’s face, trying to revive him. When Daniel got close, he realized that the boy’s pulse was weak but, luckily, he was still alive. They rushed him to the hospital and Daniel went to meet his mum to let her know.

When Patricia learned that her son was found and is now safe, she got emotional and started to cry. Then she asked Daniel if he knew a dog named Ruby whose life she had saved many years ago and when Daniel told her that Ruby was that same dog who had saved her son’s life she became even more emotional and couldn’t hold her tears.

This is an incredible story which proves that a good deed always comes back at you!