Meet The Most beautiful golden horse in the world


A lot of people are curious about seeing/meeting world’s most beautiful horse, knowing that they are considered as one of the most beautiful animals by people and find a special place in their hearts. Well, this article is about to introduce you to the horse that has received the title “world’s most beautiful horse.” Once picture is enough to give the answer as to why this horse is so special. It is his bright golden color what leaves people speechless in the first sight of him.

This horse’s breed is Akhal-Teke, a Turkish horse breed of the Turkoman horse which is now extinct. At the moment, around 3,500 horses of this breed exist in the world, and this one looks like it has been covered by gold.

His beautiful coat makes him look so mesmerizing that in China it has been named as “the horse from heaven,” and once people see him, they surely know such a name is well-deserved.

What makes his fur look golden is the way it is constructed. It has such a construction that it reflects the light rays making it shine as bright as gold. Such a fur is believed to be the perfect coverage for this breed when in the desert.

This horse breed is 3,000 years old and is the oldest breed and among the first that has been tamed and domesticated by people. Its origin is in Achal, Turkmenistan, who use it as a symbol in their banknotes and stamps. Apart from being beautiful, these horses are also known for their speed and strength.