Losing A Pet Is More Painful Than Most People Think


It might take people a lot of time to think before eventually deciding to adopt a dog, but once they do that, the relationship established between them is so strong that their new pet friends gain a special place in their owners’ hearts. The bond can be so strong that dog are seen as family. Such a deep and unconditional love can be experienced if people adopt a dog (puppy) from the earliest stages of their lives. Growing old together, training them through every step they take, and getting used to each other can lead to a friendship that lasts for a life time.

Dogs can be so loyal and loving to their humans that no matter how long they are left alone in the house, once they meet their owners they will have nothing but love and hugs to give them. Their love is what makes them be so patient and never give up on waiting for their owners to come back to them, and they would do the same for them too.

Hence, dogs are considered as the best remedy for people who suffer from depression, since they have so much love to offer, so many hugs, licks/kisses, without any condition, with the right amount of patience to wait for their owner’s dark emotional state to vanish.

Their help goes to the point of even taking care of children and guiding them through their first steps, simply to ensure that they will not fall or get injured. However, as good and deep that the love people feel for their loyal dogs is, as deep and devastating can be the pain when they eventually lose them.

According to a study conducted by The Department of Psychology at the University of New Mexico , the sorrow that people experience when losing their dogs is immense.