16-year-old boy drives through burning barn wall to rescue 14 trapped horses


One brave teenager, 16 years old, has been declared a hero after he did a heroic act to save 14 Clydesdale horses from being burnt alive in fire. The horses were located in the barn of a house in Atlanta, Georgia, which was set to fire as a result of lighting that struck it during the night. Once Macon Martin, saw the danger that the horses were in, he did not think twice about doing anything to save their lives. His mother clamed that the lighting was so strong that it shook the house and it caught them by surprise as they were in bed sleeping.

With all the power gone, the only thing that the family was able to see were the huge fires that had covered their barn.

Her son immediately went to the horses’ rescue and said: ““I just ran right out. I had no clothes on, no shoes, no nothing.” He merely jumped into a utility vehicle and went through the flames to save the horses’ lives.

He managed to open of the barn doors and with his mother’s assistance, they managed to guide the horses out of the flames.

Fortunately, their horses were all save even though their barn was completely damaged. “It will take some time to rebuild,” the mother said. “This was a dream. We saved and built it brick by brick. We’ll have to start over.”

What a true hero!